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Learn who is collaborating with who in your organization with our in house proprietary tool

Do you know who works with who?

That just migrating users by building or department was a mistake. What we ran into every time was "Oh can you also migrate john from accounting today? It’s kind of an emergency he's working with IT on a big project and he needs to collaborate with them. He just called to say he can’t see anyone’s calendar in IT"


So trying to keep this from happening led us to develop a methodology (Collaboration Mapping™) that eventually turned into a tool we call, "Collaboration Mapper™". No doubt a mouthful to say, but a very cool way to understand your organizations internal collaboration. A "map" of who works with who. At first this was a great way to migrate systems and end-users because it virtually eliminated the problems of co-existence when migrating. Groups and individuals moved with those they worked with. But soon we realized, or I should say our customers realized, that this was a tool for understanding their organization in a deeper way. How often do you create org charts and use those to put departments together in a building? Truthfully your just guessing. This tool tells you who is working together in no uncertain terms

We learned early on in migrations
  • Find out who is collaborating with who
  • Find out what group or dept. is working together
  • Understand the relationships in your organization

Our tool will uncover "unhealthy relationships " also. An unhealthy relationship might be:

  • An admin who has moved to another department but still has access to the CEO's calendar or mailbox.

  • Or someone in public relations has access to Finance calendars or mailboxes.

Find the "bad" relationships
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