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Cornerstone's has a long history with archiving and e-dsicovery. Our team's experience is vast and we focus on the enterprise application of these technologies. We understand that E-Discovery and Archiving go hand-in-hand.

Data Discovery the Way You Need It.

E-Discovery Services

Cornerstone Technologies can solve your e-discovery needs in many ways. We have the expertise to guide you to a legal discovery platform that will meet your search needs. We also have highly trained staff to perform searches for you and deliver results in a timely manner. We can provide your organization with litigation support to meet and exceed your needs.


Our expertise in e-discovery and litigation support technologies enables us to deploy the correct system for searching the type of data your organization utilizes. If you choose to use our in-house cloud based system we can search virtually any data type or location. Ensuring that you don't miss anything, which is critical, in any legal discovery.


Archive Technologies

Cornerstone Technologies can solve your archiving needs in many ways. We have deep experience with archive technologies, in fact our company has been consulting as an archive and e-discovery expert to enterprise organizations for over a decade. Our combined consultants experience is well over 50 years.  Whatever you need in this area we can deliver, such as:

  • Designing the correct archive system for your needs

  • Deploying, implementing and training your staff

  • Cloud based archiving using our own in house products or 3rd party cloud products

Upgrading to unsupported versions?

Many customers will let maintenance "slide" on their archive systems and at some point need support. They find out that the version they are running is no longer supported and they cannot perform a stepped upgrade. We have a solution to move most archive systems several versions ahead without a stepped" upgrade.

Decommissioning your Archive System?

Once your organization has decided that their archive system no longer meets its business needs, or you would like to move your archived data to new platform, you will have to "decommission" the archive system. This process can put your data at risk and greatly impact end-users if not performed correctly. Cornerstone has lots of experience with decommissioning archive systems if needed. Let us guide you to a safe outcome.

How's your Archive System running?

Cornerstone has had so many requests over the years to "fix" archive systems that are not working and or performing badly. This led us to developed an "Archive Health Check" process. We have developed custom tools and reports for this process. During a health check we can uncover many areas that may be causing poor performance. Once we have identified the issue we will deliver a report with actionable tasks that your team or ours can then perform to resolve performance issues.

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