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Cornerstone’s accelerated migration of IT workloads allows you to migrate to the cloud or on-premise quickly and with minimal risk in order to gain from its benefits quickly.

Over a decade of migrations.


Email Migrations

CST has combined experience of more than 50 years with email migrations utilizing a variety of email systems, from Microsoft Exchange to Domino, Office 365 to Google mail. Most enterprise platforms, we've got you covered. We can migrate your data to another on-premise system, Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016, and to the cloud. Our ability to create and manage co-existent environments provides peace of mind during customer transition periods. This reassures our customers while their new processes are tested and users are trained.

  • Exchange 2010

  • Exchange 2013

  • Exchange 2016

  • Domino

  • Hosted Email (various)

  • Google Mail

  • Exchange 2013

  • Exchange 2016

  • Office 365

  • Google Mail

Mergers and Acquisitions

We can migrate multiple email systems to one for consolidations brought on by mergers and acquisitions. To date our largest migration consisted of 10 separate emails systems MS Exchange, Domino, Sun, Groupwise and Apple. Spanning 3 continents migrated into one email organization in Office 365. Our long experience has given us great insight to the technology pitfalls associated with merging email systems. We can perform most with little to no interruption for end users.


Archive Migrations

CST has vast experience with archive migrations from just about any platform you can name. We can migrate your data to another on-premise system, an email system and to the cloud. Our ability to create and manage co-existent environments provides peace of mind during the transition period while new processes are tested and users are trained is one major advantage that sets us apart from others.

  • Enterprise Vault

  • EAS

  • Autonomy (ACA)

  • Mimosa

  • EV.Cloud

  • Google Office

  • MS Exchange

  • Comvault

  • Exchange / Online Archives

  • Office365 / Exchange online

  • Most Archive Platforms

  • Google Office

  • EV.Cloud

Upgrading to unsupported versions?

Many customers will let maintenance "slide" on their archive systems and at some point need support. They find out that the version they are running is no longer supported and they cannot perform a stepped upgrade. We have a solution to move most archive systems several versions ahead without a stepped" upgrade.

Decommissioning your Archive System?

Once your organization has decided that their archive system no longer meets its business needs, or you would like to move your archived data to new platform, you will have to "decommission" the archive system. This process can put your data at risk and greatly impact end-users if not performed correctly. Cornerstone has lots of experience with decommissioning archive systems if needed. Let us guide you to a safe outcome.

How's your Archive System running?

Cornerstone has had so many requests over the years to "fix" archive systems that are not working and or performing badly. This led us to developed an "Archive Health Check" process. We have developed custom tools and reports for this process. During a health check we can uncover many areas that may be causing poor performance. Once we have identified the issue we will deliver a report with actionable tasks that your team or ours can then perform to resolve performance issues.

Active Directory

Domain Migrations and Consolidations

CST has vast experience with domain migrations and consolidations. We can migrate one domain to another domain, multiple domains into one domain such as during a merger or acquisition. Cornerstone technologies has migrated tens of thousands of Workstations, Servers, Mailboxes and user accounts. We typically can perform migrations with little to no interruption to end users or critical systems. Our team has developed very specialized skills and proprietary tools to do just this kind of work.

  • AD 2003

  • AD2012

  • Multiple Domains

  • AD 2012

  • AD 2016

  • Office365 / AZURE

We have migrated (consolidated) as many as 15 separate Microsoft domains into one Active Directory domain. With little impact on the end users of the system. Our experience with domain migrations has given us good insight into what you need to look out for in the planning, testing and production migration phases of your domain consolidation. We understand the need for systems to coexist uninterrupted during a migration so that the businesses day to day activities are not impacted.

PST File Migrations... PST Headaches Solved

CST has been performing PST migrations from the beginning. We employ several technologies to accomplish this depending on your needs. We can search workstations, servers and network shares. When we (our tools) locate a PST an algorithm is run that determines who the PST belongs to. Then we can move or migrate that PST file into may locations based on you specific needs, such as Office 365 mailbox or archive, 3rd party archive platform, Google or many other cloud platforms. We can perform many functions against the PST where it rests such as move, copy, delete, hide or compress. And as always we can provide complete "chain of custody" reporting to fulfill your legal records requirements.

If you would like more information on how and what we can do to resolve your PST headaches please contact us today.

PST's and Legal Discovery

TransVault Insight one of the leading tools we use for PST migrations has a unique ability that greatly aids in Legal Discovery. It has the ability to locate and search the contents of PST files where they rest whether its on a customers workstation or network share. Using policy based rules we can locate PST files that contain data matching  the criteria of a legal search. This can speed up the process of locating PST files and also greatly reduce the number of PST files that are selected for a final search in your e-Discovery tool or by your legal team. Thereby reducing your litigation coast by a large amount. In some cases millions of dollars saved.

PST Migration

Database Migrations

Cornerstone’s database services team is here to assist you. Bringing together expertise in a number of database technologies, whether it be migrating domains due to acquisitions or mergers, executing on your cloud-first strategy or upgrading your existing database platforms to align with support and compliance regulations. The database services team at Cornerstone will deliver a refined, strategically aligned, performance and cost focused solution to cater to all your database needs.

  • SQL 2005

  • SQL 2012

  • SQL 2014



  • MySQL

  • SQL 2016

  • AZURE Hosted SQL


Our Solution Approach

Cornerstone’s accelerated migration of IT workloads allows you to migrate to the cloud quickly and with minimal risk in order to gain from its benefits quickly. Our ability to create and manage co-existent environments provide peace of mind during the transition period while new processes are tested and users are trained sets us apart from others. We start with the assessment, discovery and containerization of your IT workloads.  We then utilize industry recognized best practices and leverage the best of breed tools, technologies, and internally developed systems to migrate our customer’s workloads such as: email, structured content, general system and application workloads, infrastructure as a service, email in the cloud, and content management in the cloud.

Cornerstone also recognizes that any migration of the workload to the cloud must first and foremost keep the end-user in mind. Our efforts, our designs, and our process focus on minimizing end-user impact while increasing the adoption of the new cloud-based solution to ensure success for your migration. When IT organizations move workloads to the cloud, all the constituencies should have positive experiences.

Our Services:   Application stack migration from on premise to cloud, data migration services to the cloud. Fully Managed Archive Migration Services

Cornerstone Technologies, a Silicon valley based business, has designed our migration services to navigate customers through the turbulence of cloud migrations. In doing this, we help accelerate adoption and utilization of our customer’s cloud services to maximize their investment, all while minimizing the impact to end users.

Our Archive Migrations Include:

  • Migration of from almost any source (e.g. Enterprise Vault, EAS, Mimosa, Source One, PSTs, Exchange archives, Google Vault, and many others)

  • All migration tools included in the service

  • Full management of the migration process











We Provide the Following Services:

  • Design migration tactics relevant for Customer’s environment and use cases

  • Setup and deploy the full migration environment

  • Analyze source systems to identify opportunities for improvement

  • Optimize environment to maximize performance and shorten the migration period

  • Experienced migration engineers and technicians with great attention to detail

  • Provide turnkey migration services

  • Post-deployment support for IT Admins

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