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As an Executive or Legal Counsel, knowing that Cornerstone Technologies has over 50 years of combined expertise in the data discovery, migrations and managed services business provides you the confidence that your risk will be minimized.  Our clientele includes many Fortune 500 accounts, technology and enterprise organizations.  Our strict adherence to the defined processes and practices of our consulting partners in the Information Governance, Regulatory Compliance and Litigation Readiness space provide our customers the necessary assurance needed to execute on our solutions.


As a team leader, it's critical to know that the partner you select knows how to implement a solution you can hang your hat on.  Cornerstone Technologies will perform a needs assessment, design the appropriate solution for your business, deploy the technologies with the consideration of your corporate practices and can even manage the solution to free up the time for you to focus on your business.

The details

As the person validating and potentially operating the solution day to day, you want to know that the partner selected will have the capabilities to help you consider and select the right products and to implement them in a way that aligns to the business.  Cornerstone Technologies will provide you the confidence necessary to assure you that the right technologies are being selected and the implementation will be successful

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