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  • Managing Mobility in a Changing Device LandscapeManaging Mobility in a Changing Device Landscape

    The PC era is passing by and almost dead. Don’t let your IT organization die with it. Are you ready for the new way of computing and accessing information?

    Whether it’s BYOD, thin-client computing, or cloud clients, IT has new devices to support which comes with their own challenges. Together with Dell Wyse, let Cornerstone show you how to build an environment that can deliver information to any device and anywhere securely.

    We will show you how to:

    • Reduce management costs
    • Deliver consistent data configurations

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  • How to Perform Exchange and Archive Migrations to the Cloud
    Launching Cloud

    An Educational Webinar Sharing how to perform Exchange and Archive migrations to the cloud (i.e. Office365 and EV.cloud) utilizing TransVault technology with trusted partner Cornerstone Technologies.

    If you want to keep end users happy and your email records both accessible and secure with full chain of custody reporting as you move to your new platform, this practical workshop will equip you with the best email and data archival migration strategies for your environment.


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  • Dell Storage Forum US 2013
    Come join us!

    Dell Storage Forum US 2013

    Dell Storage Forum is the industry’s premier conference for Dell storage customers. Centered around premium technical content, expert access and hands-on labs, the conference gives attendees much-needed insights for optimizing data everywhere — from client to cloud to converged. Our customers learn how to get more out of their Dell storage investment.

    What's in Store

    Executive keynotes—hear Dell executives discuss the strategy behind Dell Storage, our vision for the future, and joint innovation with leading technology alliance partners...

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  • Virtual and Superior: How to Build Teams that Get Things Done - Citrix Case Study on Cornerstone Technologies
    Virtual and Superior: How to Build Teams that Get Things Done - Citrix Case Study on Cornerstone Technologies

    Cornerstone Technologies’ Mission

    To deliver emerging IT solutions and extend superior service offerings in our named Practice Areas. We will be integral to the  success of our customers and business partners. In the pursuit of this goal, we will embrace the values of faith, family and integrity in our employee and business relationships.

    Extend Superior Service Offerings

    • Project-Based Engineering

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  • TriNet Group, Inc
    TriNet Group, Inc.

    Helping Thousands of Small Businesses Grow While Protected by Symantec Solutions

    TriNet serves thousands of small businesses and hosts their sensitive payroll and health data. The company turned to Symantec to minimize the risk of spam, malware, and data loss, and to streamline eDiscovery. Results include 15 proactive data loss investigations that have saved five figures in costs, 70 percent faster backups of an extensive virtualized server environment, $50,000 worth of reclaimed disk space from archiving, and fourfold faster eDiscovery fulfillment.

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  • The Hobbit Seminar
    The Hobbit Seminar

    Join Us for a Premiere Showing of "The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey"

    Today's employees are demanding more access to more sources of information from more end points. IT is competing with a consumer application market that makes more tools available to users on any devices. To compete, IT has to create a more integrated and open network without compromising security and control.

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  • Sharks Sports & Entertainment scores with mobile workstyles
    Sharks Sports & Entertainment scores with mobile workstyles

    Users love being able to use their thin client at work, take their tablet when they travel, go home and use their laptops—and yet still use the same applications and see the same personal desktop. It’s exactly the same experience wherever they are, and they can more easily work at home when necessary. It’s a win for their families, too.

    Uy Ut

    Director of IT Sharks Sports & Entertainment

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  • Selecting a VTL/ “De-dupe” solution for your business
    Selecting a VTL/ “De-dupe” solution for your business

    Two major technologies that emerged in recent years, to address these challenges are: Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) and De-Duplication (De-dup).   These technologies can be deployed separately or jointly to deliver measurable value to your organization. With the growing need to resolve the aforementioned, the storage market is becoming increasingly dense with solutions that range from hardware based appliances, to storage devices with an integrated software solution, to software only solutions.

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  • Join Us for an Evening of Family Fun, Dinner, and Bocce Bal
    Cornerstone Technologies Invites You to

    Join Us for an Evening of Family Fun, Dinner, and Bocce Ball

    Bring your family along and enjoy great food and spirits while trying your hand at bocce ball.

    Cornerstone is co-hosting this event with the leading data archival and storage vendors, bringing you the latest technology in a fun-filled venue. Registration is limited and

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  • Driving Legal Discovery – Turning IT into a Value Center
    Driving Legal Discovery – Turning IT into a Value Center

    Two of the metrics Executive Management uses to measure the effectiveness of IT Leaders are:

    1. How significantly has he/she cut costs?
    1. Does he/she drive value for the business in such a way as to impact our bottom line?

    E-discovery and Archiving solutions are two applications Corporate I.T. can successfully deliver to drive real business value for the enterprise. While archiving and e-discovery tools are great, much of the potential business impact that can be had is lost due to a lack of awareness or education of the parties involved.

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  • Thinking Out Cloud
    Thinking Out Cloud

    Cloud Computing provides you the ability to run your applications and access data using only the Internet accessed from your tablet, smartphone, PC, Mac or any other mobile device. Apart from the web browser or user interface, no local software or data storage is needed.

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  • Managing Mobility
  • Managing Mobility Webinar
  • Dell Storage Forum US 2013
  • Virtual and Superior
  • TriNet Group, Inc.
  • The Hobbit Seminar
  • CST Mobility In Action
  • Selecting a VTL/De-dupe
  • Bocce Ball Fun..
  • Driving Legal Discovery
  • Thinking Out Cloud


About Cornerstone

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cornerstone Technologies delivers virtualization solutions, data protection, data archiving and data security projects. Cornerstone Technologies delivers complete solutions, from design, to architecture, implementation and long-term support. Cornerstone Technologies provides these solutions to its customers via Project Based Engineering, Staff Augmentation, and On-going Operational Services. Cornerstone Technologies supports its customers’ implementations with superb project management designed to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget. In addition to technical architecture and design services Cornerstone Technologies provides its customers with flexible Staff Augmentation services. Cornerstone Technologies Staff Augmentation Engineers can be brought in for a little as a week or a long as a year or more to assist in the completion of mission critical projects or simply to provide interim engineering support.       

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