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Our timeline of building:

Cornerstone Technologies has a history of innovation, a storied past of IT solutions, serving so many to date, and being trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world. (Visa, Nvidia, Microsoft, Advantest) In a world of builders, the cornerstone is the last piece a leader wants to ignore; this is the mindset that has helped us carry companies into new realms, consistently setting the foundation for solutions that have changed the world and set a new stage for organizations of all kinds.


And what do we do?


In short, we help get you and your data to where it needs to be, safely and securely.  Essentially, we engineer solutions to do two things:  Save you money on your technological infrastructure and staff needs, and drive your revenue through our advanced capabilities in emerging tech.  Our timeline consists of "fitting in" the right solutions, at the right time, in order to have supercharged the brightest organizations. Ever since our first world-wide backup support for Visa in 2008, the best technology "builders" have chosen to work with Cornerstone for solutions of all sorts, through the last two decades of building the technological world as we see it today.


A brief history


Throughout the last two decades, the world has seen economic fallout, mass layoffs, contractions of all kinds, and an ever-changing landscape where all struggle to find stability to keep the pace of the market.  From global backups, to custom e-discovery and email archiving, to advanced 24x7 managed services, Cornerstone has proven to be a turnkey solution that has put technology ahead of schedule—setting the pace, not just keeping it.  Visa and Advantest were among the first major companies to entrust us with their business, followed by Nvidia's engagement with our efficient managed services for their staff's extensive needs.


Our legacy of Innovation


But we kept going. And with our progress and prowess, Advantest returned to us with a new project for server virtualization, a cutting-edge offering for the time. A slew of trusted credit unions followed suit in utilizing those same services from Cornerstone.  Following the innovative character of Cornerstone, we have since serviced a multitude of organizations (large and small, both public and private) with hybrid cloud migrations, at about the same time we began deploying advanced AI solutions.  We continue to aid in reaching beyond the possible, securing your hybrid cloud investments the right way. Since the 2000s, we're what technology's brightest leaders have refused to forego in order to build what they envisioned: The Cornerstone.


What we can do for you going forward?


But our past timeline has only existed for the future. Not only today, but for tomorrow, we have extensive capabilities that go beyond what has been the norm, allowing for leaders to do more with their data, and intelligently see things otherwise invisible to the everyday analyst.  When coupled with our experienced legacy, our advanced AI engineering capabilities enable data to be delivered and built the right way. 

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